Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Animal Wednesday / Pup

I am working on a few things, but I can't show them just yet.....
So here is an oldie, a little mandala I was commissioned to make for Pup.
(Isn't that a cute name for a girl?)
In this mandala I painted an Egyptian Bennu.
The Bennu bird was an imaginary bird resembling a heron. It had a two long feathers on the crest of it's head and was often crowned with the Atef crown of Osiris (the White Crown with two ostrich plumes on either side) or with the disk of the sun. Meaning: The Bennu was the sacred bird of Heliopolis. Bennu probably derives from the word weben, meaning "rise" or "shine." The Bennu was associated with the sun and represented the Ba or soul of the sun god, Ra. In the Late Period, the hieroglyph of the bird was used to represent this deity directly. As a symbol of the rising and setting sun, the Bennu was also the lord of the royal jubilee.
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. a little girl named pup?

    that is adorable.

    i like the colors in this one, marianne. a bit different from the range of colors you use.

    ps squeal, i can't believe it. don't forget i'm running forward at full speed... :)

  2. I never tire of looking at your mandalas so old or new makes no difference to me...I will try patience till you unveil what you will show us I know it will be well worth the wait.

  3. Beautiful. I love herons so I will love this imaginary bird too. Pup is lucky.

  4. What a name to give to a girl. It sounds like a pet name. ;) Beautiful colors in this mandala. Happy AW.

  5. That is a lovely name - so adorable. and your mandala is great, I love the way the trees and bird merge together.

  6. it took me a minute to see that beautiful bird! (I'm not awake yet.)

    I love the colors in sherbet ice cream ;)

    I wonder what you're working on??


  7. Hello Marianne!
    This is a cool mandala.
    I love the outer petals in rainbow colours. I can connect with the all rounded treescape and the red gorgeous Bennu bird here, you are so creative in creation. Keep it up Marianne:)

  8. So very pretty. You are keeping us in suspense! But I know it will be beautiful!!


  9. whatever you touch turns into magic. lotsa hugs and are you still melting there like we are here?

  10. the palette you chose...perfect for summer...:)


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