Saturday, July 17, 2010

Simeon's Got Talent!

Here another season of Holland's got Talent! has started. Just wanted to share this video of a Dutch boy, living in Orlando, who joined America's Got Talent this year. The thing I liked most was his mother smiling from ear to ear with pride. The video just gives me a happy feeling. Enjoy it! Have a happy weekend!


  1. I have not missed a show yet this season!!! This boy is amazing, and so cute! I thought of you when I saw him! He will have a career regardless of what happens with the show!

  2. How inspiring!! I love this show. I can't sit through all of the stupid (corny) acts but I do love it when someone like Simeon really touches our hearts.♥

    Thank you for sharing;)

    hey...see you soon!!


  3. I've never seen this show (to be fair i don't watch t.v.) but this was SO wonderful, i'm really glad you shared it Marianne. What a talent, and what a lovely family!
    have a great weekend,
    xoxo l

  4. Hi lieverd,
    We zijn er na een superreis (9 1/2 uur),brrr wel een beetje koud haha.
    Alles ca va chez vous?

  5. Wow that young man is talented. He seems so sweet. And his Mom is so proud of him. I love to see that. I have seen some of the shows but missed him. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ah, very talented young lad indeed! Good luck to Simeon!

  7. oh what a wonderful story!!! he sure has talent and his mother must be ever so proud!!!

    I also wanted to thank you for popping by and wishing my sweetie a wonderful Birthday!!! you are such a wonderful friend Marianne!!!


  8. His mother's just thrilled that all thos piano lessons are finally paying off! This kid has talent and a sense of humor. My kind of guy! Thanks for sharing.


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