Saturday, July 3, 2010


A= for Aligator
B= for Blue Morpho
C= for Christmas Cactus
D= for daisy in the sun
E= for Earth
F= for Flax Fairy
G= for Green Violet ear
H= for Husky
I= for Impala
J= for Japanese fighting fish
K= for Koala
L= for Luna
M= for Mandala (what else??!!)
N= for Nude
O= for Oxlip
P= for Peacock
Q= for Quote
R= for Rhino
S= for Spring peeper
T= for T Rex
U= for Ural Owl
V= for Valkparkiet
W= for Watermelon
X= for X-otic
Y= for Yoga Yantra
Z= for Zanzibar
I finished my 2nd ABC's for the ABC ATC's Around the World group.
Here they all are together.
It has been a lot of fun ladies.
Thanks for all your beautiful cards.
Hope you will all enjoy the summer break :)


  1. I am so glad you posted all of yours Marianne. I didn't remember the fighting fish. I always look foward to seeing how you incorporated the moon into this series. Marvelous. This round was such fun. Enjoy your summer.

  2. They look wonderful all together!!

    I smiled when I saw mine ;)

    happy Day before your birthday!!


  3. WOW! Amazing, what a stunning and colorful collection. Great job. ;)

  4. hi marianne!
    oh they are all wonderful!
    i love seeing the whole series together!

  5. Wow! I so enjoyed seeing all these fab cards together. You should be really proud, Marianne! Such an amazingly creative collection! I hadn't seen them al,l so it was a treat! xx

  6. interesting in how you continued the moon or moon shape throughout the series. a few of these are tres inventive! and I must say how organized you are w/photos of all the ones you sent so you can display here. Birthday? Have a happy one.

  7. All are so perfect and make a wonderful set altogether!!! Great work, Marianne...can you even believe you did all that looking back on all of them, now???

  8. Beautiful.....simply gorgeous.....and I really loved La Bella Luna's being in so many of them.

    Froliche Geburtstag!

    Liebe Grusse,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. They do look fantastic Marianne and I'm just thrilled with my three. Yours are all beautiful.

  10. You are a wonderful artist Marianne! I love your ABC's. The peacock was my favorite. My next post will be about Jack the peacock that I just met.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July sweetie!

  11. It's wonderful to see them all together. I still have to finish X, Y and Z. Then I'll do the same. Yours were great! I love my special ones!

  12. Happy and many more to come.

  13. Wow how beautiful! what an accomplishment, this was so much fun to see. Thank you for sharing!
    xoxo, lori

  14. Hello Marianne!
    Your passion in ABC creations made your through!
    You are so so fast and hardworking, love all the illo here. It's fun to read each and every one here!

  15. L for Luna!
    Sure, Lisa have a good laugh, it's too cute!

  16. I love seeing them all together, and I especially love the quote about race and snow! Marvelous!!!!!!!!! I'd wear that on a t shirt.


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