Friday, December 5, 2008


In San Francisco I went to 2 art supply stores: University Art and Utrecht. In the last shop I bought a wonderful set of Staedtler triplus fineliners. When I was about the leave the shop I saw little packages of ATC cards. I have never realized they were so small ( 2,5" x 3,5")! After the man behind the counter explained this was the same size as baseball and pokemon cards it made sense to me. I bought watercolor and canvas ATC's. What a fun size! I made this pink mandala in San Francisco and the green one yesterday at home. Now I have to find someone who wants to trade with me.........., but first I will paint a few more. In San Francisco ben ik naar 2 tekenwinkels gegaan: University Art en Utrecht. In de laatste winkel heb ik een mooie set Steadler triplus fineliners gekocht. Toen ik de winkel uit wilde gaan viel mijn oog op setjes ATC kaartjes. Ik had me nog nooit gerealiseerd dat deze ATC kaartjes zo klein waren (8,89 x 6,35 cm). De man uit de winkel legde uit dat het dezelfde maat is als baseball of pokemon kaartjes. Ja toen begreep ik het ineens. Ik heb aquarel papier en kleine canvasjes gekocht. Wat een leuk maatje! De roze mandala heb ik in San Francisco gemaakt, de groene gisteren hier thuis. Nu nog iemand vinden om mee te ruilen........, voorlopig zal ik er eerst maar eens een paar maken.


  1. Marianne, these are both wonderful! Wow! You know I just found some of those packages of cards, too...they are tiny, tiny, tiny! I haven't used any of them and not sure I will use them as they are intended, but I just couldn't resist. They are absolutely great for travel art, too.

    I really love what you have done with then and know you will find some people to trade with. I see these mentioned from time to time on blogs.

    Really beautiful, indeed!

  2. hi amrianne!
    oh they are gorgeous! I love your ATC's!

  3. These ATC Mandalas are superb, lovely colours and design. I have been making Atcs for over two years now and I warn you they are addictive lol.

  4. Marianne...these are wonderful...I had no idea they have ATC canvas' cool is that...these pieces are wonderful...

    Tell me more about your Christmas traditions...I am very interested in what you do ...


  5. I was bitten by the ATC bug this summer and had so much fun trading with artists from all over the world. Your mini mandala ATCs are GORGEOUS and I would love to trade with you... let me know if you are interested and I can make you a custom one... maybe a black kitty???
    Have fun with your cards, I didn't realize that there were canvas ones. I normally use bristol or watercolor paper.

  6. I bought some cards in September ...haven't done a thing with them yet....I 'll let you know when I do and maybe at that time we can set up a trade...sound good?

  7. Beautiful, Marianne! Have a great weekend.

  8. Love your new ATC's. Let me know if you'd like to do a trade.

  9. Oh how pretty Marianne! Where did you find that little tiny easel??? I have made many ATC's and would be willing to trade if you could stand having my amateurish art! LOL.

  10. Hee wat een leuk idee die ATC's. Moest eerst wel even opzoeken wat het waren hoor. Had er nog nooit van gehoord.

    Een heerlijk weekend toegewenst.


  11. We're all lining up to trade with you!! I've really gotten into Zentangles lately. Maybe I'll do a few of those on the ATC cards that have been collecting dust :)

    These are both beautiful!

  12. Oh how did I miss these beauties! I just love that pink one!

  13. I am amazed at all the detail you have put into this tiny space. They are just beautiful.

  14. I will trade ATC's anytime! I think I'll put up a slide of mine so if you want to choose one - feel free!


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