Monday, December 8, 2008

Cactus Monday (#13)

Here is a mandala I painted a few years ago, with a golden eagle (aren´t they just amazing!) and in the middle a cactus! Can´t remember if it is an existing strain. Hier een mandala die ik een paar jaar geleden heb geschilderd, met een steenarend (zijn ze niet geweldig!) en een cactus in het midden. Ik kan me niet meer herinneren of het een bestaande soort is of verzonnen. Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. Hi Marianne,

    Eagles are so majestic! What a wonderful mandala this one is, too.

    Happy Cactus Monday to You, too, Marianne!

  2. wonderlik, sterk mandala. baie dankie vir jou gooie wense oor my ruis na Johannesburg more. my snuffles weet iets gaan aan, en sy is hier langs my die hele dag, sy is bekomerd en haat die (suitcase)...liefs en hcm en wfs...

  3. Golden Eagles are marvelous and quite rare to see in our area.

    Happy Cactus Monday.

  4. we actually have an eagle who nested near a town not far from here. Not sure if it is golden. thank you so Marianne, for being by my side this past week and for all the thoughtful and kind words you wrote. Thank you for posting the heart mandala and for stopping by several times to say hello. You are so dear. Love, Suki

  5. WHOA! Spectacular...I love the whole mystical feel of this!

  6. What a wonderful mandala with the addition of that eagle!! Wow, beautiful.


  7. Wow, so beautiful! We have lots of golden eagles here. What a sight to see them soaring above!

    Thank you Marianne for sending a copy of the Sjimmie ATC for my friend. I'm sure it will bring a tear to her eyes but she'll cherish it too.

  8. I completely missed out of CM today!!! I can't believe it happened! Too much happeneing this week! Your mandala is really neat!!! Happy Cactus Monday!!!

  9. Hi is beautiful!!! I love it....Hope you're having fun and getting into the Holiday Spirit....


  10. Sorry to miss your Cactus Monday post.
    This is so beatiful & very fine attention & details too:)
    Loving the cactus place in the centre of focus. Yeah, it's a way to celebrate Cactus Monday.
    I bet your spend quality time to finish this. You finish this few year back and the colours still look great like a brand new one!


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