Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The last day of the year! I want to thank all by bloggbuddies for an inspirational year. Without readers a blog is just a blog, without comments a blog is boring. Without blogfriends cyberspace is just big and lonely! This heart is for all of you and thank you for being there! Hope to see a lot of you in the next year! This award I got from my dear friend Soulbrush! I guess you all know her blog, if not this is the perfect day to meet her! I´m not so good in placing these awards on my blog and following the rules, but I feel very honored and happy when I get one! The idea of having to pick people makes me very uncomfortable, I love all my readers and my favo bloggs so you are all nominated! Yesterday I received a wonderful gift from Lolo! Animal angel from the other side of the ocean and amazing artist! 3 wonderful cards. This one looks a lot like Sjimmie doesn´t it, except Sjimmie has no worry or fear. But I love these shy cats, the love they give in return when you take care of them is heartwarming! Sjimmie takes everything for granted, but yeah that´s the way it should be, not every cat is so fortunate. And these 2 mandalas! Aren´t they fabulous! You can order your own at her Etsy Shop, but I warn you it will be difficult to control yourself, they are all gorgeous! Thanks Lolo for these fabulous gifts! This mandala (by Studio Lolo) looks like a positive world to me, I hope your world will look like this the coming year! Love and peace and thanks to all of you!


  1. bless that lolo girl, she has a heart as big as the ocean.
    en vir jou en jou liewe familie, ek wens julle die beste nuwe jaar en baie geluk en gesondheid altyd. ek is so bly dat ek jou ontmoet het in bloggyland! liefs en wfs. xx

  2. Hi Marianne! Happy New Year!!!

  3. I wish you a Happy Healthy New Year Marianne.

  4. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY New year to you and Sjimmie!

    Beautiful gifts you received...and the heart is such a nice design.


  5. Congratulations on your award. You REALLY deserve it with your beautiful art and generosity.

    Lolo's gifts are just plain fabulous.

    Happy New Year. It has been such a pleasure 'meeting' you this year.

  6. lovely gifts to welcome in the New Year. Thank you for your heart and warmth. Looking fwd to more lovely art in 2009

  7. You've made me blush :) I'm glad you like your cards! It was my pleasure sending them to you for the 2 Sjimmie angels you sent my way. And I found your Moo card stuck in the envelope!
    This heart mandala is perfect for new year's blessings. Just lovely!
    I wish you the best of everything in the new year and I hope to continue the friendship:)

  8. happy new year marianne!
    oh i love all of your gifts and your heart painting is beautiful!
    your friendship means alot to me.
    here's to another wonderful year!
    m & e

  9. Hoi Lieve Marianne,

    Ik "fiets" even langs om je een spetterende jaarwisseling en een fantastisch gezond en gelukkig 2009 toe te wensen!!

    Veel liefs,

  10. Hi Marianne!!!!

    Congrats on the award!!!! and I am so thrilled we met in 2008!!! your wonderful blog and worldly travels are so much fun for everyone to see....

    Bless you and I wish you and yours the Happiest New Year 2009!!!!


  11. Congrats! You got a big heart and mission on mandala!!!
    Keep up your good work!

  12. What wonderful goodies from lolo...and a well deserved award!

    It has been a pleasure to see your art his year...I am delighted our paths have crossed! :)


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