Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sjimmie / ATC / Sjimmie

Have a nice weekend! Prettig weekend!


  1. OMG, that Sjimmie is SO handsome! He looks like king of the house. He is quite a poser for you also.

    Oh, and lovely mandala :)

  2. What a beautiful cat Sjimmie is! And I love the mandala as well. The colours seem very rich, and I like the combination of a spiral with a star at the centre.

    I am also wondering - do you use compasses or templates to draw the initial circle for your mandalas?

  3. hi marianne!

    have a wonderful weekend! i love your atc and sjimmie!

  4. Mooie foto's van Sjimmie. Vooral op de bovenste kun je zien dat hij echt de baas zal gaan worden. De blik heeft ie al. ha ha. Mooie mandala ook. Prachtige kleuren!

    Een heerlijk weekend toegewenst.


  5. I love these! Sjimmie looks so regal! Wow! What a beautiful cat!

    The mandala is also very regal! I love how it looks so Indian...great colors and sparkle...and so tiny!

    You have a beautiful weekend, too, Marianne!

  6. O yes he poses quite nice Teri, but a balck cat is difficult to photograph........

    Hi Heather,
    The circle is made with a compass the rest is hand drawn. Without templates.

    Hi Melissa, a wonderful weekend to you!

    Ha Muktha,
    ja Sjimmie wordt de baas, is hij al bijna. Hij heeft alleen nog een beetje respect voor Troelie, maar ik vrees dat dat eens over zal zijn.

    Hi Kim,
    yes I think that´s because he is so full of confidence and always relaxed. Indeed the mandala has something Indian, I think because of the orange and pink....and the gold of course.

  7. He has the most beautiful, thick coat! I can tell he gets the best food!

    And the mandala is lovely. I agree about the Indian colors. Stunning!

  8. Meow. I hope you have a great weekend too, I guess its almost over now. With Sjimmie and all yr animals.

  9. Dear Sjimmie,
    You are very beautiful and I think you know it. But anyone as beautiful as you are should know it.


  10. This atc is mesmerizing as is Sjimmie.


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