Monday, December 1, 2008

Cactus Monday (#12)

Last Monday I posted a picture of Sjimmie beside my Christmas Cactus. This is what Teri wrote: OH what a beauty you are Sjimmie!! Elegant, regal, gorgeous and a perfect mascot for Cactus Monday! Hmm, how could we get him to pose with our logo? (A challenge for you Marianne) Well here is Sjimmie with the logo. Your wish is my command! Happy Cactus Monday! Vorige maandag stond er een foto van Sjimmie naast de lid-cactus op mijn blog. En Teri vroeg of we Sjimmie konden laten poseren bij het logo. En zie hier, Sjimmie en de Cactus Monday Logo! Uw wens is mijn bevel! Happy Cactus Monday!


  1. Marianne, you are awesome!!!!!! This is just perfect! Beautiful! Gorgeous!! That Sjimmie is now a star!!!

    I am just about speechless!

    THANK YOU!! You totally made my day!

    Now you need to share the code so we can all put it on our blog.

  2. Well, I don't play with Cactus Monday, but I love what you have done with the logo, Marianne! You are an awesome artist...and Sjimmie is the perfect mascot!

    It is so cool to see Teri so happy, too! Marianne, you give so many wonderful gifts!

  3. I got it!! Sjimmie is now the star on om Blog!!! He looks just gorgeous on there.

    thank you again.

  4. What a handsome cat and a perfect addition to CM.

  5. You are welcome Teri!
    Glad to make you happy!

    Thanks Kim, you are always so kind with your comments!

    Thanks Lisa! Sjimmie is even more handsome in real!
    His black coat is so shiny!

  6. Sjimmie is so gorgeous! And a perfect compliment to the Cactus Monday Logo!

    Happy Cactus Monday!

  7. Stunning! and very charming!
    Sjimmie ears are perked up with pricklies...
    Such a perfect and dignified mascot for us, and he knows it :)

  8. i love it marianne!
    happy monday!

  9. So wonderful Marianne!!! Wow, you're fast and good! A perfect logo.

    I won't be able to participate in Cactus Monday or Animal Wednesday for a while. I'm just so darn busy! I'll continue with Illo Friday and will visit all of my friends often :)

  10. How beautiful Marianne! Sjimmie is a wonderful model for the logo!

  11. what a wonderful idea. sjimmie is now officially our newest cactuteer. hcm to you both, xx

  12. How cool...I will save and use with each CM post! Thanks Marianne!!!

  13. Cute Sjimmie posing along with this lovely green cactus!
    Happy Cactus Monday!

  14. I think Sjimmie should be referred to as a "CATcuteer!" LOL :)
    Happy cactus Monday! :)


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