Monday, December 28, 2009

Cactus Monday 63 Spines

Finally some "me time" today!
I made this ATC and completed Caroline's pages.
Happy Cactus Monday dear cactuteers and cacti lovers!
PS Me time was something we had on our door hanger in Bangkok. Anna and I loved it and planned to take it with us but we forgot. So we stayed honest girls..... (please click on the link above to see this wonderful do not disturb sign in watercolor!)


  1. Lovely spines...loved your Caroline's page as well! Perfection! And your new blog colors are lovely too! Happy New Year and another wonderful year of art making/sharing/blogging.

  2. baie baie mooi, en ook jou heel blog, die kleure gaan so perfekt saam. en jou werk vir caroline se boek is wonderlik. jy is new wonderlik my vriend. xxx

  3. If spines can be beautiful, you managed to make them this way!!!
    Enjoy your "ME" time!
    Happy CM Marianne!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  4. beautiful shapes and colors in this ATC I'll hve to check out the book blog for your page.

  5. Arn't those close-ups of spines amazing?! Great job on this.
    Enjoy your 'me' time.


  6. Hahhaa! It's Awesome drawing!!! Happy cactus day! :)

  7. Beautiful detail...and fantastic door hanger! Very clever indeed! :)

  8. I love this!! It's like an abstract painting. Nature is awesome!

    That door sign is so funny. I want one! So glad you had 'me time' today ;)

  9. These spines look so real. Great sketch. HCM.

  10. Hi Marianne
    Love yr colours - very nice.
    I like the me time door hanger too - very nice idea.


  11. great atc, and I need one of those signs too! HCM

  12. I need that Me Time hanger on my studio door 24-7! Great idea!!!

    The spines are beautiful. The close-up makes it look like a fun contemporary piece. I love the green contrasts, and the whole piece is just wonderful!

    Happy Cactus Monday and Happy New Year!


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