Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Animal Wednesday #32 Young Raven

scan picture without flash
with flash
And believe me in real it is different than all 3!
Young Raven is waiting for better weather and to be big and strong enough to fly over the ocean to Rhode Island .
Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Oh yes.. i have the same trouble about whether to use the flash or not... I find takeing pics outside in natural light on a gray day works best for me... but i'm in love with the raven... the beauty of the colors in it... never saw saw such beauty in a raven to be honest...

  2. That raven is awesome, and I can see the babyness in the way you drew him. Just wonderful.

    HAW Marianne!

  3. This is great Marianne. I like it no matter how it looks in a photo. I know Lolo will love it.

  4. Wat zal je Lolo blij ermee maken,wel een eind vliegen voor zo'n kleintje.
    Gek he mijn oude post blijft staan.
    Net weer even naar de DA geweest oor werd weer dik maar was Ok.
    Wat een triest weer vergeleken met gister bah.

  5. For meeeee?????

    You are the sweetest! I agree that it looks like a baby raven. I love her ;)

    I think it's a girl!


  6. This raven looks REAL! Excellent. She is fun to look at...especially the feather part...really good art, Marianne! (I called her "she" cause Lolo says so)!!! Hee hee hee!!!

  7. As soon as I saw the post title I knew it would be flying to Lolo. Fabulous work Marianne!!
    Amazing views of th evarioius options.


  8. oooh knew lolo would love her- and she does look like a baby girl. excellent illo.

  9. a perfect raven for that rhode islander!

  10. Oh, what a sweetie!! Lolo will be so happy!

    Your beautiful card arrived yesterday! Thank you so much - it was such a lovely surprise!! Much too nice to give away - I think I might have to keep it!!

    Caroline x

  11. Hi Marianne!!! your raven is wonderful....I love the different effects the flash and non flash shots make....wonderful work and I thank you for sending me details on that brush!!! you are always so sweet!!!


  12. sooooo cute...

    and each photo tells a different story... as the mood differs just because of the colors and light...

  13. The Raven is FAB!!!

    Its so lovely, Marianne. It reminds me of Lolo's raven. Raven is off to see Lucky lolo...

    Good Day!


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