Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Blog Look!

I couldn't wait until tomorrow to
change my bloglook.
Tonight Sint Nicolaas will come to Holland so I always wait untill after that celebration to decorate the house.
Well I guess his Holiness will be too busy to surf the internet.
Tonight he will pay all children a visit to bring them candy and presents.

Een fijne Sint Nicolaas avond!!!!


  1. Wow your new blog look is incredible. Love the heart and the mandala. I didnt know St. Nick came now to your homes. Before Christmas! Cool. Have fun decorating.

  2. Wow!! That's just so gorgeous!!! Een fijne Sint Nicolaas avond! C x

  3. I loooooveeee the new look. The dove mandala is fantastic. Always like to see what you have come up with. Mandalas are also one of my favorite things to do.

  4. Hee...mooi Beaudor's favoriete duifje.
    wat ben je toch creatief knap hoor.
    Zijn net met St.Nick,Sousja,Ruud en Beaudor wezen zandhappen in Renesse.
    Heerlijk zonnetje terwijl het hier regende....
    Fijne Avond,

  5. Dear M,
    The new look is beautiful!
    I wish you could visit me and show me how to do all those things :)

    I know your house will look beautiful for the holidays too. You have that magic touch ;)


  6. I love the new look I am sure St Nick will too. Happy Day.!!

  7. Love the new look! And I hope Sint Nicolaas brings everyone some special treats.

  8. skattie dit is pragtig, ek hiu van die groen kleur. ek is so besig by die skool met al die kersfees goed en einde van die kwartaal goed, maar ek is nou hier met baie baie liefs en wfs vir julle almal.

  9. fun!!! Wonderful!!! Your blog looks stupendous!!!

  10. It is truly a gorgeous new look. Love it!!

  11. Wowie!!!! OOOOH Love the look too!! Happy celebrations...what a joyful mandala! :)

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