Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mandala on Wood

Have a nice Sunday!


  1. PS thank you for the card surprise!! I was going to post about it but now have lost my camera so can't take a picture. Thanks for thinking of me.

  2. Oh dear, I see I haven't been here since Thursday. I apologize. Lots going on...I do love your new look on your blog. Very beautiful with large mandalas floating over it. Love the colors too.

    All of your mandalas sing for me...and these little white pearls simply add a flair that is above and beyond!

    Happy St. Nicolas Day! I hope your life is stuffed with goodies this and all days, as you deserve the very best.

    Hugs from me.

  3. This is great Marianne. Maybe you should take up carving and carve your mandalas into the wood.

  4. Lisa has a great idea! A carved mandala!!! Love those pearls and the whole thing on wood just looks fantastic!!!

  5. Hi Marianne!!! I love your mandala on wood!!! I think next you should get into some wood burning....that would be wonderful!!!


  6. Another beautiful way to present your amazing mandals to us ;)



    If you haven't deleted the link, go back to my photos to see my studio and see how prominent your work is there!

  7. It is beautiful Marianne! Are you going off in a different direction? It certainly gives you more possibilities.

  8. Your welcome! Your name came out of the hat after Mim's. I drew 5 more for the card :)

    Thanks Deepa!

    That's ok Lynn! I just hope your aunt and uncle get well again! Meanwhile life goes on and then you can be very busy with everything. I know!

    Lisa Hi! Carving???? Well who knows , that would be one thing I haven't tried yet :)

    Thanks Julie Guess you have to try everything at least once....

    I have bought a woodburner earlier this year, so I will certainly try one box with that!

    Thanks Lolo, I have just looked at your pics! Oh wow so lovely!!!

    I don´t think so Teri but I am working on the boxes because of a workshop I am developing....
    I have to make some examples and what would a set be without a mandala?!

  9. Your Blog looks great like this, Marianne, I love the fresh and at the same time calming colors and the big Mandala showing up in the right part.

    And your Sunday Mandala here is very beautiful, the "sorbet" colors are so delicate and the little pearls make it precious:)
    Have a great week,

  10. A girl always does right with a nice set of pearls...This is lovely! :)

  11. wowser, dit is sooo mooi. lyk nie soos houd nie.


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