Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I found this cd with stuff from my old computer and some murals I did in the house we lived before. Here is a mural in the boys room. This is for Diana´s Daily Art Stop. Today´s challenge is Mermaids. When I saw that I had to think of this one. The mermaid is next to the door. I´m glad that I still have this picture......... Ik heb laatst een cd gevonden met dingen van mijn vorige computer en daarop stonden wat foto´s van muurschilderingen in mijn vorige huis. Dit is een muurschildering in de kamer van de jongens. Ik moest aan deze foto denken toen ik Diana´s Daily Art Stop blog las. Het thema van vandaag is mermaids. De zeemeermin zit naast de blauwe deur. Toch wel leuk dat ik deze foto nog heb......


  1. What an amazing mural! Melody would love it as she is obsessed with Little Mermaid and really water and the sea in general. :)

  2. hi marianne
    what a wonderful mural and a perfect submission for this week's challenge.

  3. Oh my goodness...we are so the same...I did a mural at my parent's house ages was a whole underwater scene in their looked like we were underwater....

    wonderful post Marianne....I am so thrilled that you submitted this for this week's challenge!!!!


  4. Wow! That is incredible... what a wonderful room to live/play in. I love the leaping dolphins.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. It is beautiful Marianne!

    thanks for the hakuna matata clip! It's great.

  6. I'm glad you kept this too so I could see it!

    Thanks for your comment Marianne. I'm so glad to know you too, and grateful for your friendship :)

  7. Cool mural! I wish I could do somethinglike that!!! Awesome!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Marianne!

  8. Great submission for Diana's challenge blog.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Wonderful Marianne. Do you think the folks who bought the house left it there?

  10. wat n groot slaapkamer, en wat n gooie ideea. mooi. liefs en wfs.

  11. I'm so glad I popped over to see your blog. This is one impressive mural!
    I've only done one mural, which was no where as big or as detailed
    as this. Awesome!

    Also enjoyed seeing your mandalas.

  12. Now that's a fun room for a boy ... or girl. I'm guessing the tropical theme is a gambit to try to beat the cold. Tricks work and well done!

  13. Hi!
    Awesome mural!! Love all the different colors you have in the mural! Take Care!!


  14. This is AWESOME. I have been wanting to paint a wall mural since I was a kid.

    And one day I will for my daughter...but we have to move first.


  15. Great mural Marianne. You are truly a woman of many talents.


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