Saturday, November 29, 2008

San Francisco

Hope everyone has had a lovely Thanksgiving! The day after, I was walking the streets and shops of San Francisco. Black Friday with a jet lag..................... Had to stay awake because of a 9 hour time difference. Enthusiastic I began my shopping marathon. But after a few hours I dragged myself to the hotel with sore feet and no energy left. I went to bed at 6 o'clock (stupid I know, but after being more than 24 hours awake I couldn't care less) So now I am awake at 2 o'clock in the morning. A YouTube video of a song we all know and which I still love. That must have been a time! I just talked to my husband on Skype and he told me that in NY a shop employee was trampled to death yesterday by customers. Isn't that sad ?! Sometimes I wish we could turn back the time.......


  1. Welcome to the US Marianne. I sure hope you don't encounter any crazies while you are out shopping. That incident in NY is a shame. People act like they were just let out of the insane asylum when the Christmas shopping begins. Like you can't ever shop and your life depends on it. Just awful.

  2. Appalling-- the trampling to death. What greed to buy buy buy exists.That poor employee. I hope you have a lovely time in SF. With I were there too. Be well.

  3. How exciting to be in San Fran!!! Wish I could have flewn over and met you there!!! Did you come for work or just to shop??? Did you go down to the wharf and to Chinatown? I love California so much!!! Beautiful area of the world!

  4. Oh Marianne, you are in my favorite US city! I know you will have a good time.

    Jet just gotta go with it, I suppose. It is the only way we can do it. My husband will take some melatonin so he can get some sleep on a flight to Europe, but you can't do that. Well, enjoy SF!

    I read about that poor guy being trampled, too...and some people shot in a toy store. Like Suki says all for greed. I never, ever venture out on Black Friday. Quite a bit of my shopping is done online, then I don't feel any pressure in the shops. :)

    Have a safe trip, Marianne! PS, you are right it was quite a time.

  5. Welcome to the US Marianne!! Gosh, you travel more than anyone I know! And then you went shopping! good grief!!

  6. Yes Lisa, totally walking around with a jetlag on black friday :)

    Wish you were here too Suki!
    Today I will start with a new day! I will try to rent a bike. or do something fun.
    I like it here a lot too, I love California. And the weather is still ok! While at home it is nearly winter.....

    Pity you didn't come.....Julie
    I'm here for my work, but I have 48 hours here to spend, so I thought some shopping would be nice, my last trip before the holidays, after this trip I will have my winter holiday until the 9th of January!

    Hi Kim,

    yes I sure I will have a good time here! but the first day is the worst when you have to drag yourself through the day to stay awake to try to adapt to the time difference. Normaally I manage pretty well but I was walking on the wrong boots and it was so crouded everywhere....
    Today will be great!

    Hi Teri,

    Sometimes I travel more then I want :)
    As Zierikzee is more like a big village I am overwhelmed by the bigness of everything here........

    Thanks everyone for your comments!
    I'm a little closer to you all now and still far way:)
    Let's see what today brings.
    I will update you tonight.
    have a nice day!

  7. Enjoy your stay and if you happen to see my daughter tell her I said hi!
    Those crazy shoppers!

  8. dit is een plek waar ek baie graag wil nog besoek, is dit mooi? en ek wil ook na new york gaan....miskien eendag.....of is jy nou terug? hoe kan jou liggaam deel met al die verskillende tye en plekke? ek kan graag sien hoe jy so moeg word as jy terug tuis is. liefs en wfs.

  9. I hope you are having fun in San Fran now that you've rested some. I've never been there, so do some sightseeing for me too. Love the song. It takes me back to my teens.

  10. The song made me feel very sentimental! As to Black Friday...never shop then!


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