Sunday, November 30, 2008

San Francisco (#2)

Today I rented a bike and went from pier 41 to Sausolito! I'm not a sporty type (except I like to play tennis) so I am quite proud of my achievement! The bridge I had to conquer. The bridge from the other side. The bridge taken from the ferry. Alcatraz. I enjoyed a real american lunch with a Californian Chardonnay. The palm trees are ready for christmas. I really enjoyed myself today! Cycled all the way to Sausolito. the weather was fantastic and I enjoyed the ride. Loved the smell of Eucalyptus along the way! And the view everywhere. In Sausolito I took the ferry back. Had lunch at pier 39 and walked around there. I took the streetcar back to market street and tried another shopping round. No stampedes today. I have been in 2 art supply stores, bought some clothes at the Old Navy, been to the Apple Store and the drugstore. What a day......and YES San Francisco is a wonderful city!


  1. Oh M you're only 2 1/2 hours from me!!!! I wish I could jump in my car and arrange to meet you somewhere :(
    Looks like you're enjoying the sites and the food. Wish I could be there!

  2. hi marianne!
    what an absolutely perfect day! i feel like you are so close!

  3. Hi Marianne! Glad you are enjoying your trip to San Francisco- sounds like a fabulous adventure (: Much love and infinite blessings!

  4. What fun you had. All that sunshine looks wonderful. So glad you can share your outing with us. I almost feel like I was there. I can't believe you biked over the bridge. Wow You did have a great achievement. You deserve a hearty lunch after that work out.

  5. oh yes i knew it, ek is baie jaloers!

  6. are still there! What a great idea to bike across the bridge! Genius! I know you enjoyed those art stores also!!! You look wonderful and like you are just in heaven there! I am so jealous!!!!!!!!!! :)

  7. wonderful pics!
    and cycling... i wish i were with you...

  8. It would be hard not to have fun in San Francisco. Glad you had fun cycling across the bridge. Shopping and sightseeing. I envy you this trip for sure.

  9. It looks like a perfect day Marianne! Great photos also.

    I can't believe I have never been to SF. Been close but never there.

  10. Toch een beetje een bofkont met zo'n baan he. Genieten van de zon en het prachtige San Fransisco. Heerlijk zo'n baan. Maar dit is natuurlijk alleen de mooie kant ervan.

    Geniet nog even! Hier is het koud en guur!

    Veel liefs,

  11. Oh I am with Suki, it would be very hard not to have fun in San Francisco. Our family walked that route before. It is glorious, indeed! I love walking around SF so much. Did you shop in the Union Square area?

    I wish for you another beautiful day there, Marianne...and then a lovely time off the rest of the year!


  12. Hi Marianne....every time I turn my head you're in a new place ....I love when you post from your current much fun ....that bike ride must have been a blast....

    So wonderful to see you and to hear about your times....


  13. Hola Marianne,

    good to see you have such a wonderful time in S.F. I love the photos too.
    The few days I spend in this wonderful city I started seriously to think of the MAC and Photoshop...
    From now on I will follow you around the world.
    ¡Hasta pronto!
    Eleonore Weil

  14. Hello Marianne, have enjoyed visiting your blog, there is so much to read and see. I love your mandala's - Soulbrush sent me a link to the clock you sent her and I now have a lovely one on my blog. Enjoy your visit to the States.

  15. One of my favorite cities - enjoy it! (you're probably home by now) but thanks for the pictures, makes me want to get on a plane and go there.

  16. Lovely photos! I lived in east bay SF for 7 years when I was young. It's a beautiful city. Oh and the main point of this comment was to thank you for the mandalas!!!! I got them in the mail Saturday and love them. Thank you so much for sending them and creating the pentacle one for me. :) Your mandalas look even better in person and are sitting on my mantle above the fireplace. :)

  17. Wow! Great fun in the ride,conquering the bridge, sweet ocean blue, delicious lunch...thanks for sharing!
    Do you love soft colour, just like this pink? You look so relaxed here! Yeah, great holiday.

  18. You were an hour from where I live!
    SF is our favorite city to explore and we do often. I'm glad you had a grand time and it looks like the weather was great for you too.


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