Sunday, November 16, 2008

Moon Mandala

Another postcard. This was a unusual piece for me because I used 2 colors which I am normally not drawn to; blue and grey. Yet I enjoyed making it and was surprised I liked the result.Sometimes It is good to try another path. Weer een anschtkaart. Een ongewone voor mij omdat ik kleuren heb gebruikt die me normaal niet aanspreken; blauw en grijs. toch heb ik met plezier aan deze maan gewerkt en was ik verbaasd en tevreden met het resultaat. Soms is het goed om een ander pad te proberen.


  1. this is the one for me!! it's like a drop of water, a tear or even a drop of saliva under a microscope...and the grey is magic (although i love vibrant clours)....whew, am so 'blown away' by it, couldn't even start to write it in dutch! hugs.

  2. This one is REALLY fantastic!!! How soothing... and I love that silver sparkle around just one edge to look like a drop of water in a a pool.

  3. this is quite lovely and different for you! like it!

  4. This is great Marinanne. Like Julie said it looks like water on the moon.You could do something very interesting about water with this technique. I like the colors too.

  5. I could look at this andmeditate for some time. So beautiful. As others have said, like a drop of water. Amazing.

  6. Marianne, this is exquisite! I see a series of soapy bubbles on a pewter tray which sits on satin cloth. I love it so much...amazingly beautiful. The reflective qualities are incredible.

    Thank you, Marianne!

  7. Ooo....I really like the feel of this creation!

  8. Very interesting and lovely results Marianne. It pays to take chances.

  9. I couldn't agree more... fun share, and I love the shades of grey against the muted background.
    Hope your weekend was good.

  10. Hi's always good to try another never know where it might lead you!!!

    I love it and so neat that you love grey and blue....

    Have a wonderful day!!!


  11. hi marianne!
    oh how beautiful! i just ordered my inktense pencils! i am so excited. thank you for sharing them.

  12. Wow, see what happens when we step outside of our comfort zones? We grow and create more wondrous things! This is stunning.
    It reminds me a little of an embryo.
    I love the description Kim!


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