Friday, November 7, 2008

Tehran Impression

Back from a short trip to Theran, Human Being´s city. We went to Darband Street Where I saw so many new intriguing things, like this......... have no idea what it is Or where these walnuts are floating in....... Oeps........caught. Who is this lady who smokes the waterpipe for the first time in her life...... Is it me smoking again after 20 years.......? We saw beautiful sites and met wonderful people! And less beautiful sites but always interesting. The restaurant where a lovely girl helped us to get the waterpipe started and another sweet couple let us try their liver kebab. I want to return here certainly one day and have diner further up the mountain. I can just imagine how this place will be in the evening when al the lights are on! And finally shopping in Theran!. I bought cookies with saffron pistachio almonds and cardamom yolk and rose water! Different than the cookies over here but certainly yummy! And I bought the most beautiful sugar lumps, I will try to show you a picture later. I have been looking at all your blogs and saw the most wonderful things! I will be back to comment soon! Have a nice weekend!


  1. These are wonderful photos. I always love seeing Tehran. Love the one of the woman smoking the hookah. Hmmm....tasty?

  2. Wow Marianne! Tehran sounds really interesting. The woman who cuts my hair is from there, so we talk about all kinds of things she grew up with. But I have never actually seen local photos such as this.

    Oh, and while I couldn't smoke the hookah, you (?) look very regal sitting there. :)

    I can't wait to see the sugar lumps!

    Thanks Marianne!

  3. are travelling like a wild woman! Those cookie ingredients make me think of ingredients in baklava! Lushious! I always think they taste like LOVE. I think it is the rosewater that creates that feeling in me. Is that really you smoking that pipe? What did it feel/taste like??? You are so adventurous! Awesome. I cannot wait to see your sugar lumps!!!

  4. This is so interesting Marianne. I always enjoy 'traveling ' with you.

  5. wouldn't it be great if you could meet up with HB while you are there.....
    hierdie fotos laat my dink net hoe gelukkig ek is om in a mooi huis te woon en met kos op die tafel!
    ons het lekker soet goed geeet i kuwait, yum yum....en ook een van die pype probeer! ha ha ek gaan vir jou man vertel wat jy daar gedoen het! liefs en wfs.

  6. You get to go to the most interesting places and do the most interesting things Marianne. Thanks so much for taking us along.

  7. LOVE the water pipe photo! And the other ones are interesting too. Not sure about the walnuts. Is the dish one an offering plate for deities maybe? You burn the food in the middle? Who knows.

  8. wow, you are such a traveller!! I never go anywhere because of my fear of flying and not wanting to leave my pets. I know I'm missing a lot!
    Did you get to see Human Being? I adore her! If not, perhaps you felt her presence :)
    Thanks for showing such interesting photos!

  9. What a joy this post was to read...I am so intrigued by travel...I felt as if I were walking by your side...oh BTW the waterpipe photo really rocks! :)

  10. Wonderful pictures - and yes...we all wonder if you did get to meet with wonderful HB -
    Your travels are becoming legendary. I love to view the world thru your pictures - thanks.

  11. Hi Mim!
    No unfortunately I didn´t meet with HB, it was not possible this time but we agreed to try some other time.
    I really hope we will one day!

  12. Hi MArianne...these photos are wonderful and you smoking that water pipe thing is so cool...I love when you share a wonderful glimpse into your life...


  13. you should be glad i couldn't meet you, Marianne... if i were with you, you couldn't smoke that hooka or buy those nuts... or cookies from any store...
    Darband is one of the old streets of Tehran... in my teen years and 20s i was a frequent passerby there... we went hiking in the mountains and that was one of the paths to the place... but we seldom bought anything there...

    the water they keep the tasty nuts in is not usually healthy...
    you cannot buy cookies from any shop... some don't use good ingredients...
    and smoking hooka... oh no i'm a very good girl!!!
    happy you enjoyed your trip to Tehran...

    the second picture is filtered for me... i should use anti-filter to see it... when i could see it, i let you know what that intriguing thing is...

    lots of love


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