Saturday, November 15, 2008

Red Sun

Here is another postcard (I like this size) aquarel made with the Inktense pencils. The sun is shining and I am going to enjoy the morning sun like a meerkat would do. Hope you will have a nice sunny day as well! Hier nog een ansichtkaart (ik vind dit een fijn formaat) gemaakt op aquarelpapier met de Inktense potloden. De zon schijnt hier en ik ga als een stokstaartje van de eerste zonnestralen genieten. Ik hoop dat je ook van een zonnige dag kunt genieten!


  1. You littel meerkat, you!!! LOL. What an interesting job you have! WOW...I never would have known such a thing existed!

    This is an interesting mandala also! Did you use a white Inktense pencil to place the white dots on top, or is that a different medium?

  2. I love the textural elements of the sun. What weight of paper do you use for your postcards?

    I love seeing this sun as the icy rain is pecking on my window as I type.

  3. Thanks so much for the link... they sound really interesting, I can tell how much you are enjoying them as a medium as well. May need to pick up some of my own. Have a great weekeend,

  4. Very lovely marianne. So fun that you can create mandalas when away from home. Soak up some sunshine for me--rain here.

  5. mooi, baie mooi. afrika se son. ek het uigekyk vir daardie penne, maar nog nie hulle gevind nie. meerkatte is baie stout. ons was bo op tafelberg, toe een van hulle probeer het om ons kos te vat...hulle was nie bang vir mense nie, maar ek was bang dat hierdie skelmpie my sou byt!

  6. good mornign marianne!
    oh it is gorgeous! i am going to have to get some of those pencils today!

  7. Hi Julie , the white dots are acrylic indeed and I also used some red and gold glitter liner.

    Hi Lisa the paper is a watercolor postcard 300 gr/m2

    Hi Lisa M,
    You are welcome, I think you can do great things with them! You are so fantastic with color pencils. I'm curious what you will create!

    Suki, I took some sun for you as well!

    Hi Skattebol!
    Ja ik kon die potloden ook niet makkelijk vinden, maar in Rotterdam hebben ze een grote art supply winkel en die hadden ze, en ze waren nog afgeprijst ook!

    hi Melissa,

    Hope you can find them, I had to go to the big city to get them.
    give Emmitt a hug from me!

    Thanks everyone for your comments! Always nice to hear from you!

  8. oh wow Marianne!!! I love the sun piece you made...that little sparkle makes it so much fun!!! and those pencils are amazing...the vibrant colours....

    I have to get some too...

    and I am so glad to hear the package is waiting at home for you...please let me know if everything made it safe and sound!!!


  9. Marianne, this is really beautiful indeed. I love the power it evokes. Do you have a travel art studio you keep ready to go? The Inktense pencils are great for travel, I think. For me, I don't have to worry so much about the quantity of liquids/gels I carry on when I have them.

    Go and enjoy the sun. We have had sun, then rain, sun, more rain. I think a cold front is trying to make its way though as it is really warm and humid right now.


  10. Another beautiful mandala! I love the light and dark side. Those sparkles just bring it to life.

  11. Wauw Marianne wat mooi! Zowel de zon als de maan, alletwee even prachtig. Ik verheug me al helemaal op m'n nieuwe Inktense potloden!

    De glitters die je hebt gebruikt... is dat een speciaal soort verf?

    Happy Sunday!



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