Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tehran Shopping

Sugar lumps Nuts Cookies, notice the mandala box!


  1. oooh die kleure is fantastiek, maar amper te soet vir my, en ek hou baie van soet goedjies.nogmals baie dankie vir my pragtige klein mandalatjie (nuwe woord?) ek is so lief vir dit, en die kleure is so fyn en so mooi. liefs en wfs.

  2. Just gorgeous food. Esp the nuts.

  3. What color on those sugar lumps.
    Wouldn't you know you would find a plate that is a mandala. GREAT.

  4. have found the pretties sugar lumps ever made!!! I love the mandala container! I love to eat all looks just delish!!! You could possibly be one of the luckiest girls in the world!

  5. The sugar lumps are pretty but I'd never eat one. The pistachois are one of my favorites though!
    Lucky you to find a mandala box. It was meant to be!

  6. Such lovely little everyday treasures...A fun post! :)

  7. Wow Marianne! This is beautiful. Can you imagine doing those little sugar lumps...might be kind of fun, actually. :) And the nuts look yummy, too! And the cookies in the mandala box - how amazing is that? It is all so colorful...well, I guess the nuts are not all that colorful, but look at the box for the cookies, too!

    This is great fun!

    Thanks Marianne!

  8. I gained 5 pounds just reading about all these lucious looking goodies. Love the mandala box! Perfect for you.

  9. oh what neat finds...I love photos of food!!! wonderful Marianne...thanks for sharing these...


  10. i myself haven't seen such sugar lumps... but they make me sad... lots of coloring... these days Iranian people use lots of artificial things in their foods and they are more sick...

    unfortunately their love for fancy things is not limited to foods... their makeups...clothes... cars... house decorations... they spent lots of monery for unnecessary and unhealthy things... and disregard some very imortant things like books...
    you know crows are not good companions when you travel... they are mostly fond of sightseeing...

    the cooky is called Sohan... and the main ingredient is wheat sprouts... it's very yummy and very nutritious...

    the design on the box is taken from one of our handcrafts called Khaatam... the artist shapes those geometric designs by putting tiny little pieces of wood together and then polishing them...


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